Lindsey Valenzuela – Back for Round 2!

Lindsey Valenzuela is coming back to Boston in (gasp!) just a few days for the 2015 ECC.  Last year Lindsey was with us for both the individual competition, and we are more than excited to welcome her back.  This year Lindsey will again be competing as an individual, but also joining a stacked team Noah Ohlsen, Guido Trinidad, and Katrin Davidsdottir.  With so many super teams this year it is sure to shake up the competition!


Was she excited to receive the unique invitations we sent out this year, Willy Wonka style?

“It actually got lost in the mail… 🙁 So I was kinda like, where’s my invite?”

Well of course she was invited!  But I guess there are some things that we cannot control, like the mail system!  But don’t worry, we got another one off to her asap, she did get a chocolate bar 😉

What is Lindsey looking forward to at this year’s ECC?

“The chance to compete against some of the best in the sport in preparation of the upcoming season.”

Knowing how the ECC was programmed last year, is there anything that she is hoping to see from Ben for this year’s programming?  Especially since she will be competing on both the individual and team days.

“I hope he programs balanced workouts that reward a jack of all trades type of athlete”


It’s almost here!!  Get ready to welcome Games athlete, Lindsey Valenzuela, back to Boston!!!

Brief Overview of ECC Weekend

Saturday-Individual Competition

7:30am- Judges Meeting

8:30am- Doors Open to Spectators

8:50am- National Anthem and Athlete Introductions

9:00am- Competition Begins!


5:50pm- Podium

Sunday- Team Competition

7:00am- Team Registration

7:30am- Athlete Brief

8:00am- Judges Meeting

8:30am- Doors Open to Spectators

8:50am- National Anthem and Athlete Introductions

9:00am- Competition Begins!


5:30pm- Podium

Team Canada Athlete- Paul Tremblay

Last year was Paul Tremblay’s debut at the CrossFit Games after finishing 2nd at the Canada East Regional.  He represented well, and stood out as a great athlete from Canada, so much so he was chosen for Team Canada for the Invitational that was held last November.  And now we are SO happy to have him joining us in Boston in just over a week.


What did Paul think when you received your Golden Ticket in the mail?

“I was really excited and honoured to be invited this year. I know how well respected and loved this competition was last year and am really pumped to be a part of it this year. And ya, of course I ate the chocolate…”

We hope the chocolate was good, because we invited so many stud athletes there was none left for us to try!
What is he most looking forward to now that it’s been about six months since the Games?
“I’m mostly excited to hang out and throwdown with literally the best crossfitters in the world. I’ve made a bunch of friends at the games and I can’t wait to see them all again.”
I know a couple of the workouts for the Individual Competition day have been released, but what is Paul hoping to see (or not see) in the next couple days as more workouts are announced?
“I think it’s no secret that I hope the competition has some heavy barbells….and no running…I also hope that Ben programs a “Girl” – those workouts are always entertaining to watch and everyone in the stands can relate to them.”
Cannot wait to have you in town Paul!! 🙂

WOD 1-Individual Competition

The ECC is almost upon us!  In just over a week we will be at the Seaport in Boston watching these amazing athletes throwdown.

What better way to start off this countdown to the big event than by releasing some workouts?!


Individual Competition WOD 1


Sponsored by our friends at Rehband:

“Mary Meets DT”

3 Rounds: 

1 Round of Mary 

1 Round of DT


Mary: 5 Strict Handstand Pushups, 10 Pistol Squats, 15 Pullups

DT: 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Power Cleans, 6 Jerks (155/105#)

Another Games Veteran- Gretchen Kittleberger

The list of Games athletes just continues to grow as the final athletes coming to the ECC are announced.  Gretchen Kittleberger is very comfortable on the competition floor.  She spent her childhood in gymnastics, competing on a national level during high school, which ultimately led to a four-year gymnastics scholarship to the University of Maryland.  Once she retired from that sport, she was still looking for an athletic outlet, to which she was introduced to CrossFit.  And the rest, is history.  She fell short her first year at Regionals (2010), but pushed harder and has been in the Games every year since.  In 2011 Gretchen finished as the 12th fittest woman.  But she didn’t stop there, she continued her training to make return trips each year, taking first place in her region in 2014.


So what was Gretchen’s reaction to receiving her Golden Ticket in the mail a few months ago?

” I was very excited to receive my Golden Ticket in the mail. I couldn’t make it to the ECC last year, but everyone had said how awesome it was, so I am really looking forward to being able to go this year. I think the first thing I did when I got my Golden Ticket was post it on Instagram, and then I ate the chocolate after that!”

It is just a couple short weeks away, what is Gretchen most looking forward to?

“I’m really excited about getting to see and catch up with all the athletes that are going to be there that I’m friends with, but who I don’t get to see very often. A lot of the other Games athletes you only get to see at the CrossFit Games since we live so far apart, but this will be a great chance to see and catch up with everyone!”

What workouts or movements is Gretchen hoping she gets to see from Ben?

“I really dislike wall balls, and also any sort of long distance running, so I hope Ben doesn’t program that. I like handstand walks and all sorts of gymnastics movements, so I’m hoping to see a lot of that type of stuff!”

If there was distance running outside, it would likely be through snow!  😉

See you in a couple weeks Gretchen!

Icelandic Wonder Making her ECC Debut-Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir

This year a familiar face will be competing on the ECC floor for her first time, though it is not her first time surrounded by these athletes.  Katrin Davidsdottir is one of the many powerhouse women to join the sport of CrossFit from the island of Iceland.


What was Katrin’s first thoughts upon receiving her Golden Ticket to the ECC?

“I  was stoked to receive my invite – I was unable to make it to last years ECC but was able to watch from back home and it was everything i expected it to be; it had class, was run well, top programming & a lot of fun. I was so excited to receive my golden ticket – I think everyone in the gym got to hear about it haha =) “

Katrin was up against some strong women in the 2014 European Regionals, and just barely missed the podium, which coming after two years of being in the Games, surely motivated her training over the past year.  What is she looking forward to with the ECC?
“Mostly I am excited to put myself to the test. The only times i get to see a lot of these athletes is at the CrossFit Games so that´s the only time you get to compare yourself to them. Missing out on last years games has put a whole new fire in me to really give everything i got into this season & i am just very excited to find out where that will take me.”
After watching the competition from a spectators viewpoint last year, is there anything in particular Katrin is hoping to see in programming?  Or maybe something that she would be happy to see left out!
“Hahaha yes theres aaaaalways a “I hope for (or not!!)”. My whole season surrounds a little around getting that kind of mindset out of the way though .. if there is something I keep hoping won’t show up it is probably because I am not good at it and therefore should work more on!! But my favorite movements are heavy squat snatches, hang power cleans, anything overhead whether its HSPU or S2OH & chest to bar pull-ups. My least favorite movements would be high rep deadlifts, squats, muscle ups and ROPE CLIMBS (yup working on that) 😉 “
We’re all excited to have you in Boston this year Katrin! 🙂

Making her First Trip to the ECC-Emily Carothers

Emily Carothers will be coming to Boston from the Northwest Region, up in Washington state.  Her CrossFit story mimics that of many multitasking mothers, with two young boys at home Emily balances her family, job, and training.  This past year that took her all the way to 13th place in the 2014 CrossFit Games.  It’s working Emily!


Many aspects or movements in CrossFit are able to showcase Emily’s skills as they compliment her many years of competing in gymnastics, up to the Division 1 collegiate level.  We are very excited to welcome Emily to Boston to compete at this year’s ECC, what is she thinking of the upcoming trip to the very other end of the country?

“When I initially received my Golden Ticket I was honored to be included in the list of athletes invited to this competition.  I had followed along last year online and definitely wanted to be a part of it this year, so I [am] excited for the opportunity.”
In just thirteen days from today, registration for the 2015 Open will be live and training for the upper level athletes will be in full swing for Games season.  The ECC will serve as a fun weekend with great competition for these athletes just before starting the month of Open workouts.
“I’m most excited to see my friends from around the country that typically I only get to see at the Games.  It will be great to catch up with everyone and see how hard everyone has worked over the last 6 months as everyone is prepping for the 2015 season.”
Big, warm welcome to Emily in a few weeks when she joins the ECC athletes!


Will You be there to Catch EZ Muhammad Compete?

To “catch” Elijah Muhammad can be taken both literally and figuratively.  Something many of us remember about the 2014 Regionals was the show he put on during Event 5.  Legless rope climbs.  If there was ever a movement made for EZ, it would be those rope climbs.  He was able to put his skills to use from years of playing basketball in high school and college, clearing what seemed to be half to length of the rope and only need a few quick pulls to reach the top.



EZ will be competing individually on Saturday and also joining Team NF Sports on Sunday with Annie Thorisdottir, Rachel Martinez, and Frederik Aegidius.

What was it like for Elijah to receive his golden ticket?
“When I received my Golden Ticket I was in shock & very excited. I told all my members at the gym about it and how big it was.”
As we close in on the last few weeks before the ECC weekend, what is EZ looking forward to most?
“Just to compete with all of these elite athletes and be apart of an amazing event. 
Rope climbs I will take. Tons of rope climbs. No Pistols.”

Lauren Brooks is Coming to Boston!

If there’s someone who knows a thing or two about perseverance and positivity it’s Lauren Brooks.  A powerhouse lifter, she has worked hard over the past four years to fine tune her skills and training.  Lauren experienced the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Regionals just short of qualifying for a spot in California.  This gave her a strong motivation to keep pushing for what she really wanted, that ticket to the Games.


In 2014 Lauren’s hard work finally paid off, and she found herself sitting pretty in third place at the end of Regionals weekend.  Going forth, we saw Lauren’s success land her in 7th place at the close of the 2014 Games.

This will be Lauren’s first time coming to Boston for the ECC, and she will be joining Team Pure Strength for Sunday’s team competition.

“I am really excited about coming to Boston in a few weeks for ECC! I have never competed in this competition before but I am looking forward to being on Team Pure Strength! I am hoping for some heavy lifting but please no max overhead squats!!! 🙂 “

Can’t wait to have you and that signature gold lifting belt of yours in Boston, Lauren!

Games Veteran, Cali-Girl Katie Hogan

Katie Hogan has been a household name in many realms of CrossFit since 2009.  She began CrossFit training in mid-2008 and shortly found herself at the 2009 CrossFit Games at the Ranch alongside many of her training partners and friends from California.  Since day one, Katie has been training alongside other big names in CrossFit like Becca Voigt and Kristan Clever.  They sure know how to make them out in California!


In January Katie will be making the trip from California to Boston (again with many of her California friends!) to compete in this year’s ECC.  We are pumped to have her coming to the ECC, and she is sure to bring her infectious smile to spread around the competition floor.

“The ECC is going to be a blast – I’m excited to be competing with so many of the best athletes in the world.  Whatever Ben throws at us, I plan on having fun with it!”

It will definitely be fun Katie!  Glad to have you on board!