Lindsey Valenzuela is coming back to Boston in (gasp!) just a few days for the 2015 ECC.  Last year Lindsey was with us for both the individual competition, and we are more than excited to welcome her back.  This year Lindsey will again be competing as an individual, but also joining a stacked team Noah Ohlsen, Guido Trinidad, and Katrin Davidsdottir.  With so many super teams this year it is sure to shake up the competition!


Was she excited to receive the unique invitations we sent out this year, Willy Wonka style?

“It actually got lost in the mail… 🙁 So I was kinda like, where’s my invite?”

Well of course she was invited!  But I guess there are some things that we cannot control, like the mail system!  But don’t worry, we got another one off to her asap, she did get a chocolate bar 😉

What is Lindsey looking forward to at this year’s ECC?

“The chance to compete against some of the best in the sport in preparation of the upcoming season.”

Knowing how the ECC was programmed last year, is there anything that she is hoping to see from Ben for this year’s programming?  Especially since she will be competing on both the individual and team days.

“I hope he programs balanced workouts that reward a jack of all trades type of athlete”


It’s almost here!!  Get ready to welcome Games athlete, Lindsey Valenzuela, back to Boston!!!