Last year was Paul Tremblay’s debut at the CrossFit Games after finishing 2nd at the Canada East Regional.  He represented well, and stood out as a great athlete from Canada, so much so he was chosen for Team Canada for the Invitational that was held last November.  And now we are SO happy to have him joining us in Boston in just over a week.


What did Paul think when you received your Golden Ticket in the mail?

“I was really excited and honoured to be invited this year. I know how well respected and loved this competition was last year and am really pumped to be a part of it this year. And ya, of course I ate the chocolate…”

We hope the chocolate was good, because we invited so many stud athletes there was none left for us to try!
What is he most looking forward to now that it’s been about six months since the Games?
“I’m mostly excited to hang out and throwdown with literally the best crossfitters in the world. I’ve made a bunch of friends at the games and I can’t wait to see them all again.”
I know a couple of the workouts for the Individual Competition day have been released, but what is Paul hoping to see (or not see) in the next couple days as more workouts are announced?
“I think it’s no secret that I hope the competition has some heavy barbells….and no running…I also hope that Ben programs a “Girl” – those workouts are always entertaining to watch and everyone in the stands can relate to them.”
Cannot wait to have you in town Paul!! 🙂