This year a familiar face will be competing on the ECC floor for her first time, though it is not her first time surrounded by these athletes.  Katrin Davidsdottir is one of the many powerhouse women to join the sport of CrossFit from the island of Iceland.


What was Katrin’s first thoughts upon receiving her Golden Ticket to the ECC?

“I  was stoked to receive my invite – I was unable to make it to last years ECC but was able to watch from back home and it was everything i expected it to be; it had class, was run well, top programming & a lot of fun. I was so excited to receive my golden ticket – I think everyone in the gym got to hear about it haha =) “

Katrin was up against some strong women in the 2014 European Regionals, and just barely missed the podium, which coming after two years of being in the Games, surely motivated her training over the past year.  What is she looking forward to with the ECC?
“Mostly I am excited to put myself to the test. The only times i get to see a lot of these athletes is at the CrossFit Games so that´s the only time you get to compare yourself to them. Missing out on last years games has put a whole new fire in me to really give everything i got into this season & i am just very excited to find out where that will take me.”
After watching the competition from a spectators viewpoint last year, is there anything in particular Katrin is hoping to see in programming?  Or maybe something that she would be happy to see left out!
“Hahaha yes theres aaaaalways a “I hope for (or not!!)”. My whole season surrounds a little around getting that kind of mindset out of the way though .. if there is something I keep hoping won’t show up it is probably because I am not good at it and therefore should work more on!! But my favorite movements are heavy squat snatches, hang power cleans, anything overhead whether its HSPU or S2OH & chest to bar pull-ups. My least favorite movements would be high rep deadlifts, squats, muscle ups and ROPE CLIMBS (yup working on that) 😉 “
We’re all excited to have you in Boston this year Katrin! 🙂