To “catch” Elijah Muhammad can be taken both literally and figuratively.  Something many of us remember about the 2014 Regionals was the show he put on during Event 5.  Legless rope climbs.  If there was ever a movement made for EZ, it would be those rope climbs.  He was able to put his skills to use from years of playing basketball in high school and college, clearing what seemed to be half to length of the rope and only need a few quick pulls to reach the top.



EZ will be competing individually on Saturday and also joining Team NF Sports on Sunday with Annie Thorisdottir, Rachel Martinez, and Frederik Aegidius.

What was it like for Elijah to receive his golden ticket?
“When I received my Golden Ticket I was in shock & very excited. I told all my members at the gym about it and how big it was.”
As we close in on the last few weeks before the ECC weekend, what is EZ looking forward to most?
“Just to compete with all of these elite athletes and be apart of an amazing event. 
Rope climbs I will take. Tons of rope climbs. No Pistols.”